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What is there so special about it?
Dear Friends!
Honestly speaking the most part of safari camps and lodge are more or less the same with spacious tents or rooms, hot showers, flushing toilets, electricity, verandas and etc. The inner design might be simple or luxurious. The location and the surrounding also might be different but there still the same wildlife around. All camps/Lodges based in the Masai Mara National Reserve and outside have no boundaries for the animal's movements. The same can be mentioned about the service - the quality of meals and drinks surely depend on the skills of the chef and the barman but it is always something average between traditional and international recipes to suit the taste of guests from different countries. That is why sometimes it becomes difficult to choose one particular camp among crowds of beautiful places in Masai Mara. So why to choose Loyk? What is there so special about it? Let me tell you...)
Alex berman
Because Loyk gives you something more than just service - we offer you the unique experience and the unforgettable Impressions!
Loyk Mara Camp has a lot of different facilities to satisfy the demand of our Guests who value the Sense of Privacy and Peace to make them fill comfortable in the Heart of the Wild Nature.

Beside the standard services and facilities such like full board accommodation and game drives in Masai Mara National Reserve we offer a large variety of activities for those who wish to learn more about themselves, test their strength, express themselves, get new Impressions and Impress their friends.

Below is the list of our specials for you:
Probably you play guitar? Or drums? Or flute?
But most probably you didn't take your instrument with you.
You can choose one from our collection and share your music with us and your friends at the bonfire. And maybe we will join you and jam under the stars of the African sky!
Special view points placed within the Camp giving access to the picturesque view of the sunset site. Also it's the best place to watch animals coming to drink water from the river.
Everyone in his/her life heard a lot of stories and tales about African wildlife and the traditions Maasai tribe. Every evening we gather around the bonfire to listen to the lectures on the wildlife and Origins of Maasai people narrated by naturalist and keeper of traditions of the culture of Maasai tribe, share our observations and bust the myths.
There are more than 450 different species of birds in Masai Mara. We installed special feeding boxes within the camp area to attract more of them and give our Guests an opportunity to watch them from a distance of a hand.
Wash off the fatigue and stress, refresh your body and mind and then take a sunbathe at the swimming pool - such a nice alternative to another day of safari!
To allow our guests to turn theoretical knowledge about the culture and traditions of the Maasai tribe in the real practical experience, we built a real traditional Maasai Manyatta for our clients to learn their traditional skills and daily life responsibilities of the Maasai men and women. You can have an overnight at the real Maasai mud house - all this you will experience at LOYK MARA CAMP.

You also have an opportunity to support the local community by buying souvenirs made by local men and women. All revenue goes direct to the community to improve the lives of local children and women.
Initially the camp site was known by the bush behind the tent №10 where young Maasai Warriors used to gather and share their meals. We give our Guests the chance to get the unique experience of Olpul «Blessed» meals as it traditionally was among Maasais. No forks or spoons, no table or crockeries - just the bonfire, the sheep meat just slotted for you and grilled on the wooden sticks, the bush, the stars and the sounds of the wild nature.
Private or shared night game drives within 150 acres of our private land - the unique chance to see the wild nightlife of the African savannah.
Escorted by Maasai Warriors and an experienced local naturalist nature walk among crowds of antelopes and gazelles within African bush and savannah allows you to get closer to the wild nature and learn more about local flora and fauna and feel unique experience of being in the middle of the wild.
We all love our dearest children. But sometimes they take up too much of our attention. At Loyk you can enjoy your peace and quietly sipping a cool cocktail at our lounge and observe your beloved children playing at KIDS ADVENTURE CLUB just 20 meters away from their parents under the supervision of our kid's entertainer.

Your children will learn more about wild nature and be taught how to handle a spear, bow and arrows, examine and copy the traces of wild animals, identify useful plant species, make a fire without matches and much more.
Well honestly it's not always clear sky in Mara and sometimes it's raining.
For such evenings we have billiards, poker, scrabble, chess and a special open air cinema at our lounge. Feel free to show your skills to the others or just watch one of the movies from our video library.
When was the last time you tried yourself in something like sending the arrow to the aim, or dropping a spear or a rungu?

Well you can try now and learn something new about yourself! You can learn first and then take a challenge and compete with your friends and real Maasai Warriors.
All winners get their prizes by the way!