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We are a Team of like-minded people united by one common Vision and Dream.
... is to give You the Chance to Experience the Real Adventure and get the Unforgettable Impressions from being in the Heart of the Wild Nature and to Discover more about Yourself and the World around you.
... is to fill this World with Love and Joy.
... is that people are much more mighty and powerful than they used to think that they are.
... is to open an inexhaustible source of Joy and Inspiration to all of our Guests to carry these Positive Vibrations into the World.
We sincerely believe that deep down our hearts each one of us here is a child. Remembering our childhood, we find that we were, full of love and joy, generous and open-hearted, hungry for new discoveries, impressions and always ready to play.

Time passes and adult life with all its rules and restrictions that are imposed on us, our environment makes our inner Child to retreat under the pressure of life circumstances. There are still games: studies, job, business, politics, wars and etc, but no more fun, no more joy and love to share. We still expect more impressions from what we do, but we keep getting them less and less. We get into daily chores and forget who we really are.

The Child inside each of us becomes frustrated and disappointed. And since the whole world is a reflection of our beliefs about it, the reality itself around us takes shape far from being ideal, which we all dreamed of since childhood.

All our experience clearly shows that it is sufficient only to give to adults a chance once again to feel like a child, to fill themselves with pleasant experiences and allow them to express their feelings - excitement in anticipation of adventure, pleasure and joy of new achievements and learn new skills, and much more - as their hearts are filled again with the same enthusiasm and excitement that they often experienced in childhood, when life was just beginning.

And as a result they begin to share their feelings and impressions with their environment - family, friends, colleagues and just people around - with positive vibrations begin to spread beyond the place where they initially appeared, and they fill the world, changing it for the better, imbued with Love and Joy.

We are here to provide our Guests with all the necessary conditions for them to be filled with pleasant experiences and positive emotions, which will become part of our common life experience, and that we can share with our beloved people.

LOYK MARA CAMP has a lot of different facilities to satisfy the demand of our Guests who value the sense of privacy and peace to make them fill comfortable in the heart of the wild nature.

At the same time we offer a large variety of activities for those who wish to learn more about themselves, test their strength, express themselves get new impressions and impress their friend.